(Allow me a blog post to brag a wee bit on my talented daughter & explain our Christmas card photo. LOL)

sans def

If you’ve read my first published novel, Dustin Time, you’ve learned that Dusty likes to use the word “sans” to irritate his father. That’s not entirely made up – hubby hates when I do that, too. (So of course…I y’know…throw it in whenever I can 😉 )

Well…it has a new meaning now. Meet Sans.

sans drawing

He’s the main character in a video game – Undertale. We got to see a wee bit of it when our daughter came home for Christmas. It’s pretty hysterical – seeing as how it won video game of the year and it is back to early 80s video game graphics. Yes…that bad. LOL

Valerie discovered it at college, blasted through it, then started writing fan fiction on her Tumblr page. Within a few weeks she went from 600 followers to over 1,100. I’ve read her fans’ comments & could not be more thrilled for her. I know what it’s like to get fan mail & the high that makes your week or even month. Some even draw fan art – this one was for her birthday.

val sans fan art

(link to the artist)

I know nothing about the characters but love to follow the story. I can tell when something has happened in her day by what happens in the story. That’s one thing I recognize with our writing being similar. (Like how in Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number – everything that happened to me or friends that month had made it’s way into the story!) I think this is how I learned she was snake sitting. 🙂

With a storage unit full of swords & dragons, we were once again at a loss for what to get her for Christmas. A 3′ skeleton was an excellent choice! She promptly went to a store and bought him the jacket and pants. Here’s her 1/3 of our Christmas card:

val sans jpeg words

The bone puns run throughout the story – yes, all as good as that. 😉

When I said I wasn’t sure if I would write any more of my middle grade fantasy, she said she wants to take over and write it for YA. After reading her writing, I know it will happen…and be done with amazing style!

Happy New Year! Hope you are with amazing friends and never “bonely.” Ha! It’s hard to stop once you start.




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