Cheap to a fault

I admit it – I’m a cheapskate in the worst possible way. I don’t think there is a shirt in my closet that was over $10 or a cardigan that wasn’t at least 50% off. I had 2 pairs of jeans that a buddy bought when we had “drunk shopping day.” Her hubby had gotten a nice bonus & she was an award winner at fighting to pay for them.

My daughter took off with one of those when she was home from college. She showed up with PJs and shorts, apparently already forgetting she was returning to MN in the WINTER! I replaced the one with 2 last week because they were cheap and well… BOGO!! When the same friend asked “What kind did you buy?” I was confused. “Silvers?” And another brand were mentioned.” I replied, “The blue kind.” I don’t do name brand anything. Even in high school I think I was the only one to NOT have Jordache or Chic. (I know…dig deep in the memories 80s peeps.) I had these by choice. I’m sure if I asked, my mom would have bought them for me.

(Incidentally, the jeans are Maurice’s. I checked. 😉 )

I realized how truly terrible I was in Target, with said daughter, over the holidays. I pointed out a shirt I thought was cute. She said,  “Mom, that’s $12.”

Ack. I’ve ruined her.

I knew I was bad, but this morning as I reached for my comb, I had to stop and realize how truly horrible I’ve become.


Seriously, woman. Spend the 79¢ and get a  new one.

It’s not that we are broke. The business does okay and although book sales won’t bring me my ’69 Mustang, I hang in there. I’m just bloody cheap! I love our half-price happy hour with the free “hat drink,” and $6.00 breakfast that includes the screwdriver. (I know…getting your drunk on for breakfast, Bug. Shame shame.) 😉

So, I’m a cheapskate. You love me. This is why I put my books on sale for 99¢ more than my share, because well…we all love a bargain!

Dustin Time is undergoing another re-vamp to get knocked down to 99¢ to prep you for the release of #3!! You’ll hear about it first here.

Happy Reading!



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