Back in the Saddle

No, unfortunately I didn’t get my horses back. I meant the book signing saddle.

I’ve gone WAY too long thinking and talking about it. It was time to get off my duff! I mentioned in a blog post about a ladies’ night event I took part in near me in November. It was so fun, I decided to organize one myself.

I wish I had photos to share. The downfalls of organizing & taking part in it – I didn’t have time to visit all the wonderful booths & ladies that participated. There was such a great variety of home parties – Norwex, Tupperware, MaryKay, Plexus, Pampered Chef, a few skin care, Jamberry, and so much more! The event was a huge success! Over 100 women came and went over the course of the event. Someone went home happy with a gift basket with a little something from each of the 19 vendors!

I am going to try to do one a month throughout MN at Elks lodges & VFWs. I can get away with a nice donation to the club’s charity with small table fees from the women, instead of some organizer pocketing money. (Not to bash the work some may do, but this went together well with help from a few friends and lodge members. I don’t know many events where these women would recover the $75-$125 table fees most charge.)

Bonus! I had company next to me. A dear friend & author I ADORE, Rhea Rhodan! Of course the only picture we got was after everything was broken down, but at least it was something! I love the uniqueness of her books. Nothing cookie cutter about them. This was her 1st signing – I look forward to more with her.


We have another signing together this month:

authors day

Books and wine. What could possibly go wrong? I look forward to this event and meeting even more wonderful local authors.

I’ve decided to give the newsletter thing a try again, so if you want to see if I’ll be near you – here’s the newsletter linky. I’ll only share upcoming events & blog posts so you won’t get bombarded.

Happy Reading!





2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Good for you for organizing a ladie’s night event. Sounds like you had a good time. Best of luck to you at the Books and Wine! Remember, whatever you’re drinking, tiny sips. 😀

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