New release! Hailey #3!

Book #3 is finally here!


Blurb: Book three in the Hailey series is back full force, bringing you Hunt and Amanda from the Hunter’s Find series!

Vacationing at Parker’s Colorado home was nice, but unfortunately couldn’t last forever. Alexis once again needs their help. Someone is after her father’s business, even if it means eliminating her to get it.

Donny is forced to take out an unidentified assailant, which brings in Hunter and Amanda from the FBI, searching for answers. Parker is less than thrilled to have his toes stepped on by the feds, but agrees to partner with them for Alexis’ sake.

Once again Donny’s brother, Tyler, and his crew are needed. Both to protect Alexis from the unknown as well as the one man who they think may be more involved than they want to admit.  Hailey pays a hefty price on the gamble, searching for answers to keep Alexis from having to leave life as she knows it, and go permanently into their protective custody.


Up until this series, Hunter’s Find was my favorite suspense. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about writing more after that publisher closed. I was thrilled when they came knocking on Parker’s door! I hope you are, too!

I have to thank the crew of the book for being patient with me while they got pushed aside since Dusty insisted I write his novel. But mostly, thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me. I saw a few sales squeak in on pre-release day. So, thanks!

A had more than a few hurdles with this one. I’m grateful for friends of mine that stepped in to help beat it into shape when my original editor couldn’t complete it. I also am very unhappy with the print covers again. I will be ordering them from a different supplier for signings. If you want a print copy – please contact me.

Amazon kindle link:

Smashwords for all other formats:

Barnes & Noble and the rest will catch up shortly.

Thanks & Happy Reading!





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