Too much talent!

This artwork deserved a blog post at the least! I had to share it here.

A friend of mine creates the most amazing art! I bought this a while back. It resides in my kitchen so I can enjoy it daily. I also take it to my signings to accompany my middle grade books. It makes a perfect Rapunzel tower!mine-copy

I know my daughter would kill to get her hands on this:


And a few horsey friends that would LOVE this!


Here are some random glass items she makes:

She does the following journals by hand – no molds. She’s taken on a whole different twist and is selling them off – cheap. Too cheap. I bought 3. I’ll share the pics of 2 but not #3. It’s for my daughter for Christmas. (If it makes it that long!)

There was just something about these doors I had to have.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better and don’t do them justice.

The ones below are 6×8 & just $45

There are 6×4 and $30.

I’m sure you could ask for something special and get her to do it. This obviously just taps into the amazing things she can do!

Oh…did I mention she’s one of my favorite authors? Yeah. Not fair for one person to have so much talent. Ann Simko – Check her out. You could write her from there to purchase a journal or 2. 🙂


(who can’t draw a stick person!)



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