I’ve been home a few days now & I think I may finally be recovered.

It was such an amazing time! I’m sad to say, I was going too fast to even slow down and take many pictures!

There was a lot going on, but I didn’t take part in many of the events. I’ve done the rodeo bit, I’ve been to Rushmore… I did do a ghost tour of the Bullock Hotel, though.  There was a pub crawl following which I did “sort of” do. I had a great friend with me (Lola – the mom of Samantha in my kids’ books) and another gal we picked up that was there for the event. We be-bopped around & ran into them here & there. There were A LOT of bachelor/bachelorette parties going on. (I teased about changing “Bug” to “Cougar.” LOL)  Seriously – it was a great time.  We stopped in Wall along the way & in Mitchell to see the corn place. So much to do that way I’ll have to go again for sure. (And the speed limit is 80 in S Dakota! Whoo hoo!!)

Our favorite spot was where this guy was playing. I didn’t even tell him I was from Hawaii. Love the “shaka,” Yancey! Great music & crude humor at its best! I even sold 2 books at the bar after the event!


I did meet some great “new to me” fans and made some friends along the way. It was an amazing event of wonderful authors! I look forward to next year!

I gave away the kindle – congrats to PC Walker! I wish I got a picture here, too! She was an e-reader at heart so it has a good home!

Last but not least, I found a great new author site. I’m meeting some fabulous readers/reviewers. My love for Baby, Just Say Yes is renewed in the lovely e-mails & reviews. It’s still just 99¢ so hop on if you want to make Steve your new book boyfriend like Margie. 🙂

cover tiny

“*SIGH* The long line of Steve’s female admirers, just grew by one! What a fantastic love story! Laura and Steve are such lovable characters that I was immediately invested in their story. The day-to-day struggles that Laura pushed through, not knowing if her memory would ever come back. It made this story more realistic and poignant. Steve, (my new book-boyfriend,) was ever so patient and loving – and FUNNY! I believe romance lovers will love everything about this, second chance, romance. It’s country, it’s small town, with strong family and community support. The wedding, the friends, the dogs, the arguments and the kitchen table! June Kramin is new to me, but you can bet, I’ve checked out her back catalog!”

Here’s the site if you’re an author and are looking for some marketing or a reader looking to support authors and get some great free reads if you offer to do a review.

AXP daily deals

AXP read

Happy Reading!


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