Next release

I was asked about the title of my next release yesterday at a writer’s group. I was hesitant, still thinking I may change it. There’s an intro in the book about the original title and why the change. I loved a certain song but “Yes, Virginia. You need to pay up BIG-TIME if you want to use lyrics.” Rightfully so.

Soooo…then I came up with an AMAZING title! Thennnnnnnnn I see it on a movie poster the next week. ARGH.

So now – it is what it is. I do love the song. It was actually one from my wedding. It came out when hubby & I met on Kauai.  Guess I should let this one stick. 3rd time’s a charm, right? The song doesn’t fit the era, but I can still have my sweetie Marshall say it. 😛let's start with forever cover

The book is set in the 80s on Maui. It didn’t take much to remember those days. Like how the heck we met up before there were cell phones. And it was legal to drink at 18. (Could have had something to do with her getting pregnant, eh? 😉 )

I wrote this 9 years ago and just left it hanging. There was always something else screaming for my attention. Once again, I relied on my amazing street team to decide its fate. The reactions were overwhelming.****

I’m hoping to have this out before I head home at the end of the month to the “scene of the crime.” Yes, I “self-inserted” into another novel. Again.

Short blurb:

Pregnant at eighteen, Vicki never doubts her love for Marshall, only that she’s somehow holding him back if she accepts his marriage proposal. Marshall never stops convincing her of the opposite—she’s all he’s ever wanted. After a miscarriage late in her pregnancy, he has to fight for her all over again. Young love survives college and life on separate islands, but she’s not sure it can survive discovering a secret Marshal has kept from her about his past.

Happy Reading!


*****If you follow the blog/newsletter, this is the one I sent to Kindle Scout for giggles & $#its. I didn’t know what it was about. I didn’t want to send people there & say “vote for my book!” I wanted honest opinions from strangers. Unfortunately, I discovered it’s like any other contest – people send their friends. “Vote for me! vote for my cover!” Thus, I didn’t stand a chance. It was worth a shot – nothing I’d ever do again, though. I was glad to discover a “college” genre. I think it finally has a home. I’m happy to publish under the Pau Hana Books label. 🙂

ETA: Guess I should drop this here for “all y’all.” 🙂 Let’s Start With Forever – Color Me Bad


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