A great 2-star review!

Alternate title: Why yes, Virginia, I do cuss like a sailor.

No, it’s not another post, begging for reviews. I’ve given up on that. I’d still like to get them, but for whatever reason, even the promise of a shiny new Kindle won’t make people come out of the woodwork. Those that will review – do, and others simply won’t no matter what. We drudge along.

(I will pimp a great site I have found for both authors looking for reviews and readers at the end. I’m meeting amazing readers here!)

I’m in the process of re-releasing all my titles. There are so many books to add to my backlog list, I thought it was time to update. Some had only 5 titles. I had to keep double checking – I have 16 women’s fiction titles out! (including my pre-sale for later this month)

Since I’m going though the trouble, I’m doing some minor housekeeping to my earlier works. I’ve learned so much along the way and have always wanted to give them a quick pass on some filtering things that are now my pet peeve. “Look” and “see” really bug me sometimes, as well as wanting to kill unneeded “that” and “up,” etc.

I’m currently working on Hunter’s Find. As I scrolled down Amazon – I had forgotten about a 2-star review from a few years back. I remembered when it happened and was a little tweaked. The woman had written me – said how much she loved everything I wrote & would love anything else. I sent her a print copy even to thank her. So yeah, the 2-star was initially upsetting, but it was a case of “just didn’t float her boat.” Can’t blame a reader for that. The thing here though for her, was the swearing. I always tease how my gals are sassy, potty-mouths, but this is a Mob story. Maybe the swearing was heavy but this is a case of having to be true to your characters. “Gosh darn it, Amanda. I’ve been shot!” just doesn’t cut it. Or, “Ouch, fella. You broke my nose and that smarts a little.” Um, no.

I had never dealt with someone not liking something before. I’m sure it happened, but I’ve never been told. When you do a read and review, people always say if they can’t give it at least a 3 – they won’t post. In this case I was glad she didn’t just write me. It was a great eye-opener. The one thing this did for me – I tell this story at every signing. Before I even say it, the reader will say, “Well, hell yeah. You have to be true to your characters.” And 9 times out of 10 – they buy the book. I had one woman buy Hunter 1 & 2, then buy all 3 Hailey’s because I’ve brought those characters into that series as well. Of course it’s a case of them LOOKING for fast-paced action, where I should have asked this woman if she was even interested. The lesson was worth the $20.

I had one woman love Baby, Just Say Yes and compare it to Nicholas Sparks. I was shocked since he is notorious for not-swearing. Although way lighter in that book, an occasional f-bomb is inevitable. She wants more – trust me – I will ask before I send anything not along those lines.

In any case, this was a case of a 2-star working out in a major positive. It was so many people’s favorite book – it was good to be brought back to reality – not everyone is going to love everything. It’s the one thing you have to be careful about when you don’t stick to writing in one genre. I am very proud of all my 4’s and 5’s but if you don’t get the rogue 3 or so, people just don’t believe they are real. Trust me. I have more contact and reviews from people I don’t know than people I do when it comes to my books. Just the nature of the beast.

Thank to anyone that has reviewed or written me about any of my books!

Happy Reading!


PS – here’s the linky to that wonderful site! Readers and writers check it out!

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