It’s Great to be an Elk!

We got back on Thursday from the national convention in San Antonio. It was a blast as always, when you get together with fellow Elks. They are a second family. We just had the state convention the week before we left. That was too much fun too close together!

To quickly steer this to a “writery” post before I get too vacation/Elk winded…

I may blast myself online, trying to find new readers, but when it comes to face to face, I’m not one who tries to bring attention to myself. A lot of people I know personally still have no clue I’m published. A few she-Elks found out I write (and a gent or 2…). The biggest request with them of course, is the one I kill off my hubby!


I had requests at the state convention to bring some to TX since I never have books on me. They found their homes…now we wait. I also made it 99¢ everywhere for those who wanted to read it on their e-readers. If you haven’t gotten it yet – now is the time. When I do signings, I give out purse tissues. It’s a guaranteed tear jerker.



See the Coast Guard boat? That’s the branch where hubby did his military service. He is now the state chair for Veterans with the Elks. He had a few mandatory meetings at convention and the rest of the time we spent enjoying San Antonio.

The river walk was a lot of fun. We hit something new everyday and did the boat tour. There are more than a handful of fun bars along the way.


Save some fries!! 🙂 (I know you’re not supposed to but c’mon… )


State convention = 48 hospitality rooms! This was the lobby of where Texas had theirs. We have a winner of the favorite room. (This pic alone beat out Utah’s polygamy punch & “shut the box” game. 😉 )


After convention closing, we got to see Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band! They were amazing! I didn’t even know he had a band. Proceeds go to helping homeless vets. Check him out! Gary Sinise Foundation.

lt dan

lt dan 1

I met up with a writer friend from Absolute Write! We took the infamous “chubby bunny cheeseball” pic. He was great & let us park our car at his place to save the $20-$42 a night parking! We lost a day of that having to get hubby to a VA clinic with a spider bite & pay Uber, but it still helped a great deal. (Things in Texas try to kill you, BTW!) Thanks, III!


I got to see a cousin on the way down and one on the way back who I haven’t seen in 35 years! It was a great trip all around.

“What are the Elks?” is the 1st thing I’m asked. We are the best kept secret, unfortunately.  In a nutshell, they give to veterans and children. Last year we donated over 600 million dollars! What surprises me most about how we’re such a secret is the fact that we are 2nd to only the US government for scholarships. I’m not big on any organizations, but this bunch has stolen my heart. If you have a local lodge, I know you’ll find a 2nd home. If you are interested in learning more about the Elks, feel free to message me.

Happy reading & do-gooding!







Deadwood was a ton of fun, once again! The drive went without a hitch. (Who can complain about 80 MPH? 😉 ) My view and 1st drink of the trip wasn’t too shabby, either.

(If you think that’s water, you don’t know me. 😉 )

There’s nothing like getting together with 50+ authors at an event. Although I didn’t get there earlier in the week to partake in the tours, (Mount Rushmore, Ghost tours, Rodeo, etc.) event day was still a blast.

The very 1st person who came to my table remembered me from last year. She loved “Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number” and bought 5 other books of mine. That was a great start to the day. 🙂
If you don’t have it yet, it’s still free everywhere!

The time went way too quickly! It was a nice, steady stream of people for the most part. There were a few people who wandered in from the street & bought a few books from me as well.

My helper and roommate was great! I met her last year, outside one of the events. I’m sure she was thrilled at being asked for her autograph throughout the event. 🙂

My laptop cord was MIA somehow…I don’t even remember booting up while I was there. That’s the only tragedy of weekend.

I have a couple conventions coming up, so I’m taking  a break from signings for a while & even had to cancel one pop-up event that is always a fun time. I’ll get back at it soon & let you know where to find me next.

In the meantime, Happy Reading!
I Got Your Back, Hailey is still free everywhere. If you like it and want more, & send me a review for it, I’ll send you #2 in the e-format of your choice.


Hailey #4


Book #4 in my I Got Your Back, Hailey series is out! I’ve been meaning to blog with  updates but as life goes, things just get in the way. My beta readers and editors were cheering every step of the way (and amazing as always) and kept things on schedule for my May release.

Like what always happens with me “pansting,” Hailey and Parker ran the show, once again with the help of Hunt and Mandy from my Hunter’s Find series. I’m glad someone knew what to do with a tale that started the whole story. I was thrilled at who showed up and the twists Donny (my hacker) thew in.

Of course with Maui being  “home,” it was fun to use that as a back drop once again.


A relaxing day on her favorite beach on Maui comes to a screeching halt when Hailey finds a little girl wandering alone, searching for her mother. When she gets the child to her father and discovers who he is, their vacation is officially over. Parker has no choice but to once again bring in Amanda and Hunt (from Hunter’s Find) to help.

Amanda is the one who helped this man leave his New York life behind. As they struggle to find if his previous mob involvement had anything to do with his wife’s disappearance, they discover her father has secrets of his own. The circle of deceit stretches over oceans, with too many players to let the family safely return home.

Trusting anyone is a luxury even Parker can’t afford. Drug activity, property wars, and more secrets from the past come back to haunt them all.


Bianca was quiet as we wandered the beach, searching for her mother.

I felt we’d gone far enough and wanted to head back. I got us turned back around, then we headed just as far in the other direction. Nothing. “Maybe we should go find her father, Donny.”

He stopped and knelt in front of her. “Do you know the name of your hotel, sweetie?”

She shook her head. “No, but it’s that one right there,” she said, pointing to one just past where we’d found her. It was our hotel.

“That’s where we’re staying, too. Can you take us to your room?” I know this was a tall order for someone so small. I’ve been known to get lost in smaller hotels than this. Of course alcohol was involved, though. Maybe we had a chance.

Uh-huh. We’re right off the beach.”

Donny stood and took her hand again. “If he’s not there, then what?” he whispered to me.

“Manager, then cops, I suppose. I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling about this. You want me to take her? You go hop on Maryann and see if there are any Greek officials vacationing here?” Not a shred of information was safe from Donny and his hacking ability on his device he dubbed Maryann. To say he was obsessed with reruns of Gilligan’s Island was an understatement.

“If that were the case, I’d think they’d be after the kid, not the mother. My money is still on she’s a wreck, searching the beach. In any case, I’m not leaving you until we get some kind of answer.”

A man came running down a path toward us. I thought maybe he was her father but he kept going and dove into the waves. He was fully clothed, but I’ve seen stranger things. I try to make light of it. “Someone was happy to go for a swim.”

She let out a small laugh, then tugged us along the path the man had just cleared. “We’re just over here.” Releasing both our hands, she ran through the gate then the open sliding glass door. “Pa-pa! Pa-pa! Is Mommy here? Pa-pa! Where are you?”

My heart skipped a few beats. I was worried he was missing as well. Finally a handsome Italian-looking man came around the corner, drying his hair with a towel. “What are you doing back so soon, baby doll?”

He immediately dropped to his knees when he caught her distress. She burst into tears and ran to him, flying into his arms. His face scowled with concern as he held her tight and approached us. “Who are you? What’s wrong with Bianca? Where’s her mother?”

“We don’t know. I’m sorry. We found your daughter wandering on the beach alone. We tried to find her mother, figuring she was out looking for her as well,” I explained in a word-vomit kind of way.

“Did you call the police?”

“Not yet,” Donny said as he extended his hand. “Donny Cummings. This is Hailey Mitchell. I mean, Peters. We’re staying here, too. That was the next step if we didn’t find you.” Donny ran his fingers through his wet hair. “Not to jump to conclusions here, but…is there a reason you jump straight to calling the cops? No chance she just lost track of time?”

He held Bianca even tighter to his chest with one arm, one hand cradled her head, which was buried deep in his neck. She was still sobbing, poor dear.

No.” He said after a long pause. “Not my Denise. She would never leave Bianca alone. Never. Especially near water. She’s just learned to swim.” His gaze went from mine to Donny’s, frantic.

“Do you want me to call the police?” I asked.

He shouted “No,” a little too quickly.


Goddammit. There goes our vacation.



I really love these guys. I sent it off to my 1st reader and immediately started working on #5. I have a signing in June in Deadwood, South Dakota and decided it would be a great town for their next adventure to take place. I was there last year and had a blast. I figured Kev and Donny could make some trouble there as well. 😉

Happy Reading!


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Free. Free! Free!!

(I apologize in advance – I’ve reread this several times & it sounds super grumpy! It’s not intended to be. LOL) 😉

Guilty. Guilty! Guilty!!

If I scrolled through my bookmarks and saved word documents, I could probably list 100 sites to promote free books. I won’t name drop, but there is one that probably comes to the tip of your tongue first. The average ad costs the writer $600. No, I don’t have the decimal in the wrong place – $600.00! That’s six-hundred dollars to GIVE a book away.

So…let me get this straight. I took half a year of time away from everything and everyone else who needed me, spent $200+ on a cover, spent $500+ on edits, bothered a minimum of six friends for their time to give me final “eyeballs,” and I have to pay some website (or several) to give the book away for free. Maybe “have to” is the wrong phrase because no one forces you to. But the market is so obscene to get your book to be seen, you pretty much do “have to” do a give away to get noticed.

I am grateful for these sites, because at least people are making an effort to go about getting it legally. I’m still personally zapping a minimum of 4 pirate sites a week. One had 1,500 downloads of one of my novels. It was listed for only 99¢ at the time. I would have made 35¢ on each copy. Yeah…I hope the thieves are really in need of that read. It wouldn’t be so bad if the 1,500 steals resulted in ONE review.

I recently discovered Blasty, which now does the removal for me. I get daily updates, which floor me.


This was one day and is about the average. I did have one that said 141! In one day! *le sigh* It’s a never-ending battle. I’m grateful for the help. I don’t even get Google Alerts for anywhere near this many illegal listings.

The amount of pirate sites out there are simply scary. And from what I see out there with all these promo sites, completely unnecessary. Authors are dying to give away their work to get your attention. Some do it in hopes of getting a  review, but so many other places are simply sales in hopes to entice you into their series or other stories.

Again, guilty. I put Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number free after I realized the main concept of the book was outdated. (I dare you to ask any 17-year old what a cyber cafe is.  The looks are priceless. 🙂 ) It has been on Amazon’s “Best Seller” list a few times, but I don’t count the few days of free downloads to slather “Amazon Bestseller!” All over my cover.  I have a few cherished e-mails from fans, which pushed me to get this in front of more readers any way I could. ❤


Amazon for kindle

B&N for Nook


Smashwords – all other formats

So…there you have it. My rant to please stay away from pirate sites (I can post a list of free sites of you need it), and my carnival barking for yet another FREE download.

If you want to up the stakes and spend a whopping 99¢ – I have the 1st in my Hailey series on sale with book #4 due in May, (stay tuned for the cover reveal) and Baby, Just Say Yes for 99¢ as well – just because. 🙂

Happy Reading!




Long time no see!

I got in for a post & found this draft. Yikes! I thought it sent weeks ago. My bad.


As usual, I’m starting off with: “sorry it’s been so long…”

I was really trying to make an effort to post more regularly. The holidays just get the best of me with the “day job” thing, then I got slammed with the nasty bug that’s going around. Monday was week 4, although I’ve been much more back to the living over the past week.

Well..almost. This was me on Tuesday:
amaze myself

There’s one thing to be said about doing nothing but sitting around…after week two when my brain was back, I read a lot! I got a few final passes on Hailey #4 and got the word count to where I like it and all my loose ends tied up. Hailey and the gang are off to my first reader. I look forward to edits and comments! I’m thrilled with how Hunt and Mandy tied in with this story. It’s another based on Maui. Stay tuned for my cover!

I also dove into another oldie. My 88’s, Baby Trucker/cowboy series. Good GAWD I love Quentin! I wrote these 2 in 2010! I did some major improvements on certain structures but the stories still melt my heart! I’m not sure if I was pushing him back as other things hit me or if I just wanted to keep him for myself. Just like with Let’s Start With Forever, I think I was worried because it’s more on the lines of a sweet romance, not the suspense of my later work. Quentin apologies for swearing when he said, “RFN.” LOL

I think back then, I was thinking I could keep them clean enough for my mom to read but alas…I can keep Quentin from swearing but not Jessica from being a horn dog! (And no…They are still like my others – not erotica level but not quite closed door, either.)

So…that one is off to one of my readers as well. You’ll be the first to hear updates and see my covers!

Happy Reading!

Wild Deadwood Reads 2018

I’m looking forward to this event again this June. I met some amazing people last year. Deadwood is a fun town. Book your room now!

Looking for Legendary Events? We’ve got them at Wild Deadwood Reads 2018!

Deadwood Vacation

You are officially invited and welcomed to attend Wild Deadwood Reads Book Signing and Legendary Events in Deadwood, South Dakota. You’ll find so many things to do, including fun and adventurous outings planned just for us that weekend. Register right away so you won’t miss out on any of the excitement! Everything starts Thursday evening, June 7, with a Meet-and-Greet Cocktail Hour on the patio overlooking Deadwood. Check out the view!

View from the Patio

View of Deadwood from the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Wild Deadwood Reads has grown since year one. In June, we had just under 50 authors, and since we’ve already registered more than 80 authors for 2018, we’re projecting we’ll double our author roster to around 100 for next June! To accommodate this bigger and more Legendary event, we’re taking over the entire, amenity-packed Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel, and we’ve negotiated a fabulous rate for guest rooms for you from Wednesday through Sunday night, so you can come in early, stay an extra day, or do both!

Deadwood Mountain Grand

Our Hotel – the new and upscale Deadwood Mountain Grand

Get ready to jump onto a luxury motorcoach with 54 of your new friends-to-be on Friday morning for an all-inclusive sightseeing tour including three amazing destinations around the Black Hills.

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Crazy Horse Monument

Crazy Horse Monument

Prairie Berry Winery

Prairie Berry Winery

Saturday morning you’ll enjoy a hot, delicious Breakfast With the Authors right in our hotel, in the Deadwood Mountain Grand’s Event Center on the second floor above the Non-Smoking casino. At one end of the Event Center we’ll relax over a scrumptious hot buffet breakfast, and at the other end are the ready-to-rock tables for the Author Book Signing!

Deadwood Mountain Grand Wild Deadwood Reads Book Signing

The book signing begins Saturday morning at 10:00 am in the Event Center which is accessible by escalator, elevator, and stairs, and there’s lots of room for us at this lovely venue! We’ll even have vendor tables where local small businesses will tempt you with everything from hair pretties to chocolate!

Book Signing

Aaron Bunce and his #1 Helper

During the Book Signing, you’ll have the chance to win something fabulous at the Basket Raffle, which will support a local non-profit organization. Authors, cover models, sponsors, and vendors are all very busy dreaming up the perfect goodies to place into a basket to catch your attention! Check out the basket examples on our website!

Saturday afternoon, we have The Rodeo! Right in town, it’s a gasp-provoking Professional Bull Riders Rodeo with the rankest bulls in the territory. We’re lucky to have an exclusive VIP Package, Behind the Chutes, where we’ll watch PBR Bullriders and stock contractors show us how they load the bulls into the chutes, and how the cowboys get themselves settled onto the bulls – for at least 8 seconds! We’ll enjoy VIP reserved seating for the rodeo, bus transportation both to and from the rodeo grounds, a special dinner after the rodeo at the No. 10 Saloon’s upstairs restaurant (in close walking distance of our hotel) featuring an entertaining show created just for us by our Rodeo hosts! Afterward, head downstairs for a live band at the official after-hours hangout for the Bullriders and all the rodeo staff. Get your cameras ready – they love to show off their belt buckles!

PBR Rodeo

2017 PBR Deadwood Rodeo

If you’re not in a Rodeo mood, we have the perfect event for you! Hosted at a downtown hot spot, Wild Bill Bar in walking distance of our hotel, join authors and readers for Wild Book Readings at Wild Bill Bar – with DESSERT! This sweet event takes us on a trip back in time as we head to their private, upstairs room which has been lovingly refurbished to look like a Victorian theater with bistro seating. A cash bar, an author-sponsored dessert bar of delicacies, and authors reading you their favorite scenes from their own books. Mix, mingle, and indulge! This event will be Legendary.

There’s so much to do and see in Deadwood and all around the area, you’ll have a must-see list that’ll keep you busy all weekend. And we give you plenty of time to explore on your own! Walking the streets of historic downtown Deadwood, you can easily imagine Wild Bill Hickok tipping his hat as he passes you on the sidewalk. Or Calamity Jane causing a ruckus at a noisy saloon. Or Seth Bullock facing down a gunslinger and sending him on his way to Mount Moriah Cemetery, just up the hill from town. And, well, you don’t have to imagine any of this. Deadwood stages free shootouts right on Main Street!

Wild Deadwood Reads Reader Registration is only $10 which includes a handy neck wallet and two more wonderful gifts which are listed for you on the website. Besides being the perfect spot for your phone and other essentials, the neck wallet holds your name tag which allows you to sign up for all the great weekend events listed above, some of which are FREE! Check out our website and our Facebook page to see everything that you can experience! I am thrilled to be going to Deadwood next June, and I want to make sure you don’t let this awesome opportunity slip your mind or slide off your calendar. Register today and you’ll be all set to have one of the best, Wildest, and most Legendary times you’ll ever experience!